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Following the publishing of the outline Neighbourhood Plan in the Newsletter distributed around the 1st September we have seen and listened to on-line at and face to face comments at “drop in clinics” as requested on the 11/14 and 16th of September. Collectively their has been a huge response, many of the people who have come across the Neighbourhood Plan for the first time.  We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for those interested to view on-line at This round of community consultation closes on the 22nd September.
It has always been our intention over the last 2 years to seek residents and businesses opinions and preferences for development, meeting the needs for housing and industrial land of the right size and type within the targets set by County Planning. By choosing to do our own plan we can add in detailed local needs and strengthen our legal position and gain extra money from developers for community infrastructure improvements.
The Neighbourhood Planning team are therefore going to review the comments on our outline plan, its location and phasing of housing and industrial land and come back to Council and then residents with any reasonable adjustments or viable alternatives as a recommendation before writing up our detailed plan for submission and the more formal process of consultation. This will lead to around a 1 month delay to our current timetable.
A formal consultation to follow will involve access to the full detailed plan as well as distribution of a further Newsletter with summary maps and any key changes to our original proposals, if that proves to viable and deliverable. We will aim to make sure that these recommendations are communicated accurately and widely using all the communications channels at our disposal.
Any progress will be reported on  as well as information points in the town and where relevant Facebook.

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Due to the number of concerns that have been raised about the Neighbourhood Plan the Town Council has asked the NP task group to arrange some open drop in sessions so that members of the community can come and ask questions about the plan face to face. Once we have the dates of these meetings they will be published on Facebook and on our website. We have attached some information in the interim that may answer some of the queries.

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A message from the Neighbourhood Plan Task Group:
We have removed the map that was posted with the Neighbourhood Plan information. This map showed all the sites that were originally offered for development and most of them were rejected early on in the process because of their impact on the environment or lack of economic viability. It caused some confusion as these rejected sites were still visible on the map. Please refer to the newsletter which confirms the only sites currently being proposed.


The seven Wildlife Corridors of Cleobury are ancient natural features of trees, hedges and scrub that provide shelter, security, feeding and breeding grounds for many thousands of animal and plant species in and around the town. They enhance the local urban and rural landscape as well as human contact and knowledge of the wide and extensive biodiversity. The Neighbourhood Plan seeks to repair, replace and sustain these corridors in the face of change and Town  housing expansion.

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