Dog Fouling



If you find dog waste in a public place please report it

If you are a dog owner, you are required by law to clean up after your dog in public places. That includes roads, pavements, parks, car parks and all shared open spaces.

Where should I put my dog’s waste?

We provide special dog bins in parks and other areas often used by dog walkers.

If there isn’t a dog bin on your dog walking route, it’s your responsibility to pick up and take your dog’s waste home with you.

What should I do if the bin is full?

If the bin is full, please contact the Town Council Clerk on 07483 112290

Dog fouling is a major issue in many towns. It is the most offensive type of litter and is consistently raised as a public concern.


Shropshire Council will take enforcement action against anyone who is witnessed letting their dog foul in public without cleaning it up.

If you have information about dog fouling you can report it to the Town Council on 07483  112290