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Annual Report 2019-2020

Cleobury Business Plan 2019-2022

Summary Plan for 2019

Annual Report 2018-2019



Virtual Meeting Protocols  (2020)

S.137 Grant Application form 2019

CMTC Press and Media Policy Aug 2019

CMTC Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Aug 2019

CMTC Model Publication Scheme Aug 2019

CMTC Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures Aug 2019

CMTC Complaints Policy and Procedures Aug 2019

CMTC Community Engagement Strategy Aug 2019

CMTC Code of Conduct Aug 2019

CMTC Cemetery Rules and Regulations Aug 2019

CMTC Finance Committee Terms of Reference Nov 2019

CMTC Anti-Bullying Policy Aug 2019

CMTC Personal Data Management and Audit Policy May 2019

CMTC Purchase of Exclusive Rights Privacy Notice May 2019

CMTC Social Media Policy May 2019

CMTC Standing Orders May 2019

CMTC Subject Access Policy May 2019

CMTC Training & Development May 2019

CMTC Capability Policy Feb 2020

CMTC CCTV Policy March 2020

CMTC Co-option Procedures Feb 2020

CMTC Equality & Diversity Policy Feb 2020

CMTC Grant Application Policy Feb 2020

CMTC Health & Safety Policy Feb 2020

CMTC Health and Wellbeing Policy Feb 2020

CMTC Financial Regulations Nov 2019

CMTC Debit Card Policy Nov 2019

General Power of Competence

CMTC Employee Handbook Feb 2020