Festival 2020

March 18th 2020 :

It is with great regret that the committee have taken the decision to cancel the Festival this year and concentrate our time and resources on helping the community support efforts for Corona-virus. We wish everyone all the best over this difficult time and we are very much looking forward to next year’s Festival and celebrating this wonderful community


27th June 2020

This is the date you need in the diary because it is Cleobury Festival day taking place at Lacon Childe School and on the Playing Field.

The school will host the Health and Well-being Hub in the Hall and the Creatives element will be in the Music Room and Foyer.

Opening hours this year are 11am to 5pm

 The loose theme this year will be “The Olympics”

Setting up and taking down at the venues are the MAIN tasks where the Volunteers need help.

Would individuals, sports clubs, groups of any sort and any other interested parties please be in touch and give us some help if you can … the evening before and morning/evening of the 27th are key times.

Volunteers are a very small group who plan, organise and run the Festival then put things back at the days end. We love doing it but unless we get more help this year may have to consider if it is viable for us next year.

This year we are especially keen to include basic and fun activities for children for example Hook a duck, egg and spoon races, splat the rat and similar.

If you wish to exhibit or organise activities now is the time to let us know so we can plan.

More detail will be available as we move towards the Festival and we look forward to seeing you.

Contact details:

If you want to volunteer anywhere, exhibit or organise activities on the field

Matthew Sheehan


If you want to volunteer anywhere or need further help

Paul French


To exhibit or help at the Health and Well being Hub

Debbie Brown


To exhibit or help the Creatives element of Festival

Chris Smith


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